Ferratum Cash Loans & Rent Bond Personal Loans

Ferratum, one of Australia's most trusted lenders offer short term personal loans and cash loans to customers from $100 to $1900 in size. These fast cash loans are repayable over between 30 days and 6 months with repayments being made simply and easily via direct debit. Ferratum now also offer a new personal loan product called Pay My Rent Bond, which is aimed at helping renters with the payment of their rental bond when they move into a new place. - It's often the case that you're required to pay for a new rent bond before you've received the payment of the last one. As with all of Ferratum's products, applications are made online in just a few minutes via an online form and applications are approved in minutes. Ferratum will also tell you the upfront cost of your personal loan or cash loan so there are no hidden charges or hidden costs for Ferratum customers. 

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Short term cash loans are also known as:

  • Microloans
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Small Cash Loans
  • Quick Cash Advance Loans 
  • Same Day Cash Loans
  • Short Term Loanst

One of the great things about these short term personal loans is that since they are so easy and quick to apply for, they can really help with cash flow problems or unexpected expenses. Many people find that this is just enough to get them through to their next payday when they repay their personal loan in full. 

In this way using short term personal loans like this can save them from the headaches of credit card debt and nasty overdraft bank fees (we all know how much Australian banks love their fees). The exact same can be said for the payment of a rental bond when moving house, hence the creation of Pay My Rent Bond - the rental bond personal loan. No matter which type of personal loan you're applying for from Ferratum, the system is very fast, simple and efficient, which means our customers get their personal loans paid out the same day of approval and sometimes within the hour! (depending on which bank they are with and a few other factors). 

There are several reasons why short term personal loans might be a better product for for you than a credit card. You are only borrowing what you need, so there's no danger of borrowing too much and then getting stuck repaying the minimum amount each month. You also can't refinance your cash loans, so there's no chance of an endless cycle of refinancing your loans. At Ferratum it is more than money, we take pride in our fast and friendly service so get in touch with us or apply for a personal loan today.

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